About us

Welcome to my site! If you read the information in this section, then you are wondering who creates such toys.

Get to know each other. I am Julia from St. Petersburg. I am a little over 30. I have a family: a husband (my support and support) and two charming children. I have a university degree, I am an advertising specialist. With art and creativity have always had an indirect connection. However! My imagination and desire to create has long been beyond the scope of the profession.

Therefore, I created the Drevosmart brand and became the author of the collection of children's toys made from natural oils.

Now I opted for natural materials: wood, natural oils, acrylic paints. I cover the wood with oils with my fingers, so all my toys are handmade. Oils safe for the skin of a child and adult. And this is my choice because I have small children.

Initially, it was created specifically for my eldest son, and did not think that I could reach a level for other children.

In my collection, there are toys for different ages and gender: from about to 7 years. Rattles, cubes, utensils, pyramids, sorters, letters, numbers, and more.

The value of my toys is due to natural materials, my own design, and style. I consult with a psychologist when creating a collection. I choose the best. The amount of work is limited by my time. All this affects the timing of production and the price of my product.

Feedback from parents and their children inspires me. I want every child to have a wonderful childhood and have a favorite toy that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Our slogan is A smart tree in caring for children.

And may all the children be happy!